Why cheat subscribers

When committing any action, you need to understand its purpose. There are three reasons to cheat on YouTube:

Raising the channel’s reputation — the more subscribers there are, the higher the chances of the videos getting into the blocks of recommended videos — directly affects the traffic.
Conditions for connecting monetization — Youtube has minimum requirements for the channel under which the opportunity to earn money on advertising from Adsense is turned on — this is 1000 subscribers and 4000 views. It’s advantageous to quickly wind up subscribers and start earning money for views earlier. I recomend youtube subscribers boost.
Psychology — people are more likely to subscribe to channels where there is already an audience, the numbers on the counter attract as much as the quality of the videos themselves.
If you don’t need anything voiced, then consider whether you should resort to “gray” methods of increasing indicators, and perhaps “white” promotion schemes will bring more benefits — I will talk about them below.

How to avoid fines and channel ban

The cheating of subscribers is considered a “gray” scheme for promoting YouTube channel and is not welcomed by the service. Cases of a real ban (blocking) of an account for such actions are extremely rare, but mild methods of punishment in the form of pessimization (downgrade) of the video are common. The videos will be shown, but YouTube will recommend them less to users.

The task of cheating is not only in the recruitment of subscribers, but also the creation of such circumstances, when everything will look natural.

Wrong scheme: created a channel with one video, wound up a million subscribers, while the video has 3 views from friends and 1 like from grandma.

The correct scheme: regularly upload new videos, evenly wind up subscribers, simultaneously wind up views and likes. Followers should not be more than views.

Adequate proportion — 1 follower for 5-10 views, 1 like for 10-50 views. In different subjects, the numbers may differ, so for accuracy, you can take the average data on the reference (top) channels of your focus.

Summary: when cheating subscribers on YouTube, simultaneously wind up views and likes, on new videos increase numbers smoothly without sharp jumps.

“White” ways of promotion

The promotion and promotion processes are different, if the first option leads, as a rule, to subscriptions of bots or few interested people, then the natural promotion is to attract a live target audience to the channel — those who will watch videos, discuss them in the comments, like and share with friends.

In the future, living people in subscribers are more profitable, but the cost of attracting is much higher — you can’t get them at services and exchanges of 50 cents per share.
Advertising Options:

Suitable groups on social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki) — contact the administrator and find out on what conditions and which advertising options are possible.
Thematic blogs, sites, forums — you can order both individual posts and include your videos in their own materials. It is best to advertise on projects with a regular audience (subscriber base).
Other YouTube channels — with video bloggers of the same level, you can often negotiate for free on a mutual PR basis (you advise it, it’s you), on more advanced channels, advertising is bought for money. It is better to look not for direct competitors, but for related topics.
I do not recommend using Yandex.Direct or Google Adwords for recruiting subscribers, with the exception of topics with very cheap click-through rates (little competition), but these are few.

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